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Getting started

In this section you’ll find everything you need to get you up and running with the PIE design system for engineers.


One of the core aims of the PIE Design System is to provide engineers with a consistent set of components and best practices for creating and maintaining UIs across JET.

If you're just starting out with PIE, here's a list of recommended resources to get you started.

Code and Project Structure

All of our PIE components, tools and documentation (including this site) are maintained on the open-source PIE Monorepo on Github.

For a more detailed look at the component systems the PIE team maintain, the PIE monorepo and how it’s structured, see the structure section of our engineering docs.

We also help to maintain a number of other projects that incorporate the PIE Design Language (such as Fozzie for VueJS components, or Snacks and Skip PIE for React components).

Contributing & Guidelines

If you'd like to contribute to PIE, check out our contributing guide.

We also maintain guides for global front-end best practices across JET. These can be found in the engineering guidelines section of our docs.

Need more help?

If you can't find the help that you need, or have any other questions about developing using PIE, please do get in touch with us either via the #help-designsystem channel (for JET engineers) or by raising a Github issue or discussion on the PIE mono-repo.