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What is PIE?

Principles for Interfaces and Experiences (PIE) is Just Eat Takeaway’s global design system.


A design system is like a recipe for creating visually appealing and user-friendly products. Just as a recipe uses ingredients and instructions to help you make a delicious meal, a design system uses components, patterns and documentation to help us design amazing apps and websites.

For example, just as a recipe details the specific amounts of ingredients and cooking time needed, a design system details the font sizes, colour palettes and layout rules to ensure consistency and usability across all JET products.

In both cases, following the recipe makes it easy to produce consistently great results that can be replicated time and time again.

Much like the recipe for a delicious meal, our design system makes use of multiple ingredients to create high-quality products.

Why should you use PIE?

Here are six reasons why you should use PIE for your products:

  • Consistency: PIE provides a single source of truth for designers and developers, which keeps your products consistent and minimises the chance of human errors.
  • Reusability: We design and build reusable and scalable components that can be used throughout our products by designers, developers and other teams.
  • Craft & Quality: Our specialist developers and designers focus their energy on crafting and maintaining the design system, and they're here to support you and your products.
  • Accessibility: We design and build with all users in mind. Accessibility is built in from the start and tested at every step of the process.
  • Efficiency: By using our library of pre-designed and -built components, you can work faster and focus your energy on solving new problems instead of rebuilding the same assets.
  • Alignment: No matter if you are a designer, iOS, Web or Android developer, PIE provides you with a common language and goal.

How we support teams

PIE is both a service and a product. We create and maintain its contents and guidelines, and also support other teams through business area libraries.

Our goal isn't to take ownership of design from designers. We're here to support you and ensure all JET's products align to the system, providing scalability, consistency and high levels of craft.