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This roadmap displays our current projects and future plans. Its aim is to inform and assist our teams in planning their work.

What we’re working on now

  • Building the Text input component
  • Building the Checkbox component
  • Building the Notification component
  • Building the Chip component
  • Enhancing the PIE Aperture testing suite and creating guidance
  • Looking into PIE Web Component bundling
  • Rolling out and integrating our components into web applications across JET
  • Investigating mobile accessibility dashboards
  • Auditing our iOS and Android components and planning in future enhancements

What’s next

  • Build the Radio Button component
  • Build the Text Area component
  • Build the Select component
  • Include more automation into

Future plans

  • Maintaining and extending the PIE documentation site
    • Copy section
    • Component playground
  • Building out the entire web component library
  • Enhancing existing iOS and Android libraries
  • Investigating design token tooling
  • Supporting right-to-left scripts